Friday, November 16, 2007


Interesting news has been seeping out of the Wildrose Party's West Edmonton bunker. I caution readers that the contents of this post have not been verified as accurate, so please keep that in mind. Having said this, I have opened moderated comments on this post in case anybody on the Wildrose Party Executive chooses to respond directly to the issues raised herein.

The first issue that needs to be addressed has to do with Wildrose Party advertising and the oil royalties issue. I am in receipt of information that the Wildrose Party entered into an arrangement with a representative of an oil company in the latter part of September, or early October, 2007, wherein the oil company agreed to pay for a Wildrose Party media release or advertisement opposing the Stelmach Government's proposed oil and gas royalty increase. This arrangement was supposedly discussed at an emergency meeting held by the Wildrose Executive in the latter part of September. Under the terms of this alleged arrangement, the Wildrose Party media placement would be fully paid for by the oil company, subject to the oil company having final say on the content of the release or advertisement.

My questions:

  1. Did the Wildrose Party of Alberta receive an offer from an oil company to directly or indirectly pay for a Wildrose Party media release or advertisement during the months of September or October, 2007?
  2. If so, was the offer accepted, when did this transaction occur, and what are the particulars of the media placement that was paid for in this manner?

The second issue I would like to address concerns rumours of a management services contract that may exist between the Wildrose Party and the Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy. Under the terms of the alleged contract, the Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy is to provide management services to the Wildrose Party of Alberta, in exchange for compensation in the amount of $150,000.00 per annum.

My questions:

  1. Has the Wildrose Party of Alberta, or any non‑profit corporation or trust established by the Wildrose Party of Alberta for the purposes of s.6(3) of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act, entered into a contract with the Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy?
  2. If so, what are the terms of this contract, and would the Wildrose Party be prepared to make public disclosure of same?

While we await confirmation or denial of these transactions, I must state that if these allegations prove to be true, the Wildrose Party of Alberta has, in the period of a few months, gone well beyond the achievements of any of the other right wing rump parties in Alberta.

In fact, it may no longer be fair to refer to them as a "rump party". Money coming in is one of the key indicators of a political party's success, and if the Wildrosers can afford to pay management fees of $150,000.00 per year, they are on a whole different level than the other small parties - including the Alberta Alliance.

Shilling for oil companies ...

... seems to have its advantages.

Update (11/16/07): I have sent the following email to the Wildrosers, in order to expedite things a bit.