Friday, January 18, 2008

Fait accompli?

I would like to apologize to readers of The Wildrose Report. Back here, I promised some further information on the merger, and reasons why Wildrose members should oppose this sellout.

I just didn't get to it, but based on what I've seen and read, the merger seems to be a fait accompli anyhow. Just so you know, my original plan was to do some posts on:

  • the current state of the Alberta Alliance's finances. I was also going to point out some misleading public statements coming from the AAP Executive on the state of Alliance finances. Given some of the inaccuracies contained in these public statements, I was going to suggest that it would be prudent for Wildrose Party members to demand that audited financial statements for the 2007 calendar year be filed with the Chief Electoral Officer prior to the merger. Such statements are required by law, so this would not place any sort of additional burden on the Alberta Alliance.
  • Paul Hinman's ineffective leadership, lousy communications strategy, and brutal media coverage. The Wildrose Party could have been going into the election with a new, competent leader. Instead, you will be lead by a gaffe-prone lightweight. It won't take long before you regret this decision, I'm afraid.
  • the Alberta Alliance's poll numbers. The party was headed for obliteration. Exactly why your Executive felt the need to jump on to this sinking ship is a mystery.
This merger has all the hallmarks of a desperate act. If the party performs more poorly than expected in the next election - and with Paul Hinman at the helm this is a substantial possibility - many questions will arise regarding what might have been, and the Wildrose Executive members who negotiated and recommended the terms of this merger will forever be remembered as completely incompetent.

This should end their political careers. After all, if these people cannot properly protect the interests of their own party in a negotiation, how on earth can they be trusted to defend the interests of Alberta. I sure don't want these buffoons negotiating anything on my behalf.

As for me, I plan to continue writing about the federalist right in Alberta. Given that a new party name will be emerging, I will likely replicate the strategy I used that led to both Alberta Alliance Watch and this blog becoming the number one ranked blog on Google Blogsearch for the terms "Alberta Alliance" and "Wildrose Party" respectively. This means I will need a new blog, so that searches for "Wildrose Alliance" come my way as well.

I have reserved a couple of names: The Wildroser, and Wildrose Alliance Watch. I am leaning towards "The Wildroser", given that I believe I coined the term, back in this discussion board post, written on June 26, 2007. If anyone disputes this claim, speak up now, or forever hold your peace.

Regardless of which name I decide to go with, I am pleased to report that I anticipate making my voice heard during the upcoming election. In fact, I am optimistic that I will be sourcing at least one story for the MSM on the Wildrose Alliance ...

... and, if I do, I guarantee you ain't gonna like it.