Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wildrose Party at 37%! Lyle Oberg is Premier of Alberta!

The latest edition of the Wildrose Weekly is out. The Wildrosers seem to be suggesting that they are about to hit a public support motherlode, which will result in them leapfrogging all of the other parties, and landing in first place:

An Update from the Wildrose Party of Alberta

Monday September 17, 2007

Townhall Meeting in Edmonton

The Wildrose Party will hold its first town hall meeting, in Edmonton on Tuesday Sept. 25 at the Old Timers' Cabin, a large hall at 9430 99 Street, Edmonton.

Albertans are looking for a new party.

In August, Cameron Strategy Inc. released these poll results.

"Albertans are looking for new political options -- on the most recent opinion poll, the largest group -- an astonishing 37% -- said they were undecided," comments Wildrose VP Finance Eleanor Maroes, meeting organizer and former interim leader of the Alberta Alliance.

The polls all show that other parties are not picking up these undecided votes. It is clear Albertans are looking for something new.

The Wildrose Party invites YOU to become that something new.
So Eleanor Maroes manages to take the result from a single poll, and misleadingly portray it as the consensus of all pollsters: "the polls all show that other parties are not picking up these undecided votes". Other than Cameron Strategy, no pollster has found the undecided vote to be anywhere near 37%. Since all the other pollsters agree the undecided vote is much lower than 37%, one wouldn't expect their polls to show other parties picking the undecideds up - or not picking them up - since their is no consensus that they exist at all.

Just a thought.

For a listing and discussion of most of the recent polls in Alberta, check out these posts on The Alberta Liberal Archive.

The Wildrosers keep trotting this poll out. Rob James just mentioned it in the August 24 edition of the Wildrose Weekly. I hate to be the one to rain on the Wildrose Party's parade, and point to a recent Graham Fraser column that reminded Albertans of Cameron Strategy's ridiculous prediction that Lyle Oberg was on his way to the Premier's office:
... Cameron’s polls aren’t always the most accurate. He used polling results to predict Lyle Oberg was in a two-way race for the Tory leadership race last year with Jim Dinning. Oberg didn't even make it to the medal podium. He finished fourth.
By the way, if anyone is planning on attending the town hall meeting on September 25, I would appreciate if you could take some notes on how many people attend, and what gets discussed. A few digital pictures would be good.

Then please email me a brief report. I may do a post on the meeting, to ensure Albertans get the truth, rather than self-serving spin of the sort Eleanor Maroes is guilty of in this week's Wildrose Weekly.

Your confidentiality will be fully respected.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.