Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wildrose Party policy proposals appear on Free Dominion

It is a rather unorthodox way for a political party to make an announcement, but a post appeared on Free Dominion this morning entitled "Wildrose Party of Alberta Policy Proposals".

I have no idea whether this is an official list from the Party or not, although I suspect that it is. For what it is worth, here are the proposals, in a slightly more readable form.

My initial reaction is that the Alberta Alliance must be delighted. The Wildrosers are exposing themselves as being even less knowledgeable and capable than the AAP.

Having said this, and given my commitment to fairness, I remind you that these are proposals only. The final policy document won't be known until after the Wildrose convention set for late October.

Every party has its share of constitutional illiterates, cranks, and screwballs - and the policy process at Wildrose has obviously been hijacked by same. Nevertheless, until the policy document is finalized, I will forbear from giving it the thorough debunking that - by all indications - it so clearly deserves.

Update 09/04/2007: The proposed policies are now up at the Wildrose Party website.