Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Wildrosers are up to their old tricks again

This screencap may result in deja vu for regular Wildrose Report readers:

Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy

"You are not authorized to view this resource. You need to login." Hmmm. Where have I read that before?

Oh yeah. Scroll down to the August 30 update.

I confess, I have been poking around on the Citizens Centre website in order to complete the research necessary to finalize my evisceration of Link Byfield's June 15 article entitled "Enough talk. It's time to go political." The link the Wildrosers are blocking is the link to that post. It worked fine just a couple of hours ago.

Well, I guess I'll have to go see if I can find the article I need in the Google cache, just like I did last time.

Be back in a tick.

Update 09/13/07: I have obtained screencaps of "Enough talk. It's time to go political." It was originally spread over five pages on the Citizens Centre site. You can get the links for all screencaps and links for the other references I am using in my upcoming article at my public bookmarks.

Given that this is now the second attempt at obstructing my access to information - and the second humiliating failure to do so - I hope the Wildrosers will, from this point forward, cease and desist from such nonsense.