Monday, September 17, 2007

Wildroser attacks! I'll put him off till later.

An interesting development occurred yesterday. A Wildroser posting under the pseudonym of "doktor" appeared on Project Alberta.

He made a couple of posts on a thread set up for the sole purpose of discussing little old me.

Rather aggressive I must say. I love it!

Doktor, I am not a salaried official in a right wing federalist political party, nor do I draw a cheque from a right wing federalist advocacy group, which means I don't have access to a list of benighted federalist Myrmidons that I can fleece for donations while providing them with absolutely nothing of value in return. I actually work for a living, and if I don't work, I don't get paid. I am a tad busy at the moment, and must postpone my response for a wee while, so I can research some issues that you have raised. So please do not read anything into my tardiness, doktor, because I do take your posts seriously, and intend on responding fully. It may very well be that a mea culpa is in order, and, if I determine it is, I will gladly issue same. However, doktor, I would like to quickly draw your attention to my public bookmarks (namely, the eighth bookmark from the top), and the screencap in this post. If you mouse-over the image, you will note that it is in fact a clickable link. Both of these URLs are properly formatted, and were published last Thursday evening. Yet, when I clicked on either of them, they both bounced higher than the final employee paycheques issued by The Report Newsmagazine. I was greeted with the screen I reproduced in the screencap embedded in my September 13 post.

The URL you see in the address bar in the screencap contains an "amp" string that is not part of the URL in my public bookmark, so it would appear that it is the server that is inserting the "amp" string - at least on this occasion. I say this, because I note you completely ignored these properly formatted URLs in your post, and have offered no explanation as to why these bounced, choosing instead to deal only with the URLs that bolstered your theory.

I have no way of proving what URLs I submitted to the server that formed the basis of my August 30 post. I believe I navigated to the "Executive" page through the menus on the Wildrose Party's site. The URLs that are reproduced in the links contained in my post certainly contain "amp" strings, but these strings would have been included in the server's response after my query bounced. That is when I would have done the cut and paste, and inserted them in my post.

One last thing. I notice that Cory Morgan has weighed in on the Project Alberta thread in this post. The following sentence concerns me:

Now we have to fear that the good Doktor may break down some of the rest of us and our loony postings.
Cory, I give you fair warning to stay away from doktor. I think I know who he is. He is a rather highly placed Wildroser. Given his background and reputation, it is safe to say that he will be at the forefront of the ongoing effort to cannibalize the Alberta Alliance. Friendly banter with such a person is not in your interests; he would just as soon eat your liver, along with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Thup thup thup thup thup.

You best leave doktor to me.